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“The Hybridization of Cultures in Thailand as a Source of Design Inspiration” Talk

Posted in Jewellery Design, Seminar/Talk/Workshop by trimodestudio on February 1, 2009


sweetsknitjewThe panel talk is part of the “Sweets Knit Jewelry”exhibition presenting textile and jewelry designs inspired by Thai traditional desserts. The talk will start with a presentation on new material arrivals at Material ConneXion Bangkok by Chompoonuj Weerakitti, Director of Material ConneXion Bangkok. After that, two well-known professional designers and two design faculty members will have a casual panel talk, followed by the opening reception of the “Sweets Knit Jewelry”exhibition.


The panelists are:
1. Rapee Leelasiri, a professional textile designer, from GRAPH-TEX studio Co., Ltd., for Rapee Leela Brand, a recipient of Designer of the Year Award, Silp Bhirasri Award, and All Great Design Awards 2007.
2. Pirada Saneewang N. Ayutaya, an up-coming and vibrant jewelry designer and a founding member of Trimode.
3.�Taweesak Molsawat, an educator, artist, and designer in Jewelry and Metalsmith from King Monkut�s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.
4. Associate Professor Uraiwan Paradee (Pitimaneekul), PhD., an educator in design and a Textile (Knitting) specialist from King Monkut�s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.

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