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DOX chair ! a new handicraft for this coming milan fair !

Posted in Furniture Design by trimodestudio on April 3, 2009


We may say this is an art piece from Trimode!  An influence from Buddhists about the life chain has effected to our inspiration. This chair is hand crafted and currently on the experimental process, the material is anodizing aluminum and stainless steel. We look for the technique that could transfer our inspiration to the design. It’s end up with the technique of jewellery chain making so we trick the trick  of jewellery design to create the best result for our furniture. The process was done by making a prototype from jump ring (small metal hoop) first and then enlarge the scale to match with the furniture scale. We make an unlimited connectivity to transfer the massage of never ending life cycle. Simplicity is not always easy.


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  1. Hot Furniture Deal said, on October 7, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    More like fine-crafted jewelery !

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