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Trimode ring for Project GLITZ, The design project The uniqueness of Thai Jewellery Volume 01.

Posted in Jewellery Design, Seminar/Talk/Workshop by trimodestudio on September 20, 2009

Title  :  Thai Tone

Inspiration :  Under the theme EXPLOSION, the designer sees an amicable co-existence of both the new and old elements in an urban community. With reference to the fun and merriment that are being celebrated within an acceptable social framework, the designer uses bright and bold colors on a simple form to allude to the contrasts in the society,that somehow manage to share their allotted spaces in relative harmony.





Design Concept : The ring can be made either of sterling silver or anodized aluminum with stones cut in Triangle shapes to fit with the ring design. Colours of the stones are to be selected to produce a sharp contrast with the colour of the body of the ring . For examples, if the body is blue,the stones should be yellow-purple or green; if the body is green, pink stones should be used; if it is black, then the stones should be red, and so forth. The curved form serves to indicate the warmth and friendliness of Thai people.

View more work  from Thai jewellery designers at

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